Tifanie Rudd is a very successful certified Life Coach. She received her certification from Coach Training Allaince Genesis out of Maryland. Mrs. Rudd is currently pursuing a doctorate degree. Rudd has a plethora of experience in training former offenders, Department of Justice employees, relapse prevention therapy patients, domestic violence victims and many more.

Rudd states that she learned years ago that we have a choice to rise above adversities or lay down and allow it to consume us. Her journey has been from pain to purpose, leading her into situations that attempted to end it all. Nevertheless, each situation caused her to propel and in all that she has been through, she has chosen to reach back and help others.

Growing with her strong passion, Rudd began to teach people that they are destined for purpose by showing the importance of knowing thyself. She believes that everyone is made to rise against all odds in life.

Mrs. Rudd has volunteered in the community for over fifteen years, assisting people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities, low self-esteem, homeless and battered women. She also grew passionate to help those who were having difficulty gaining employment with criminal issues. Therefore, she founded M8D 2 Rise, Inc., a Supported Employment and Life Coach Servicing Organization which has been successfully placing individuals in jobs since February 2012.

Rudd is a strong advocate of hands-on, inquiry based learning and involves her clients in a variety of community service, problem-solving, technology infused activities that provide them with opportunities to use their skills and traits to help others. Her professional interests focus on communicative approaches in coaching, thematic planning, and cooperative learning. Her current projects include organization and ways for individuals to affirm themselves by teaching them the importance of knowing themselves.

Rudd has received numerous awards in the categories where she exhudes a strong passion for people. On recent award that she holds very close to her heart is the "Women Who Care" Award that received in September 2012. Having a staff that has developed a flexible, yet universal thematic coaching style will help to adapt and overcome a wide variety of circumstances will ensure her and M8D 2 Rise, Inc. many more years of caring. overcome a wide variety of circumstances will ensure her and M8D 2 Rise, Inc. many more years of caring.

T is for Trinity because she believes in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
I is for Irreplaceable because there is no one else like her
F is for Friend because she never meets a stranger
A is for Affirmations because she speaks them everyday
N is for Nurturer because she pulls the best out of people making them realize who they are
I is for Inspiring because she touches the heart of everyone she meets
E is for Encouraging because thats what she does

R is for River because she flows like water
U is for Understanding because she relates to people meeting them where they are
D is for Dependable because she is always there when you need her
D is for Desire because it's in her heart to restore and rebuild lives and self-esteem in individuals everywhere she goes.